150 Unique & Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving

Discover timeless inspiration with our collection of short engraved quotes that uplift and motivate – perfect for adding a meaningful touch to any cherished item.

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Love and Wedding Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving

I’m yours no returns Short Inspirational Quotes for EngravingPin

I’m yours-no returns
But the greatest of these is love
Let’s grow old together
For all time
You have bewitched me body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. Pride & Prejudice
All you need is love. Beatles
You’re the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten
To have and to hold
To the moon and back
I do
Your crazy matches my crazy
My one and only
Always and forever
All that I am I owe to you
Forever yours
I knew from the start
Home is wherever you are
I love you
I’ll always love you
Love means forever
If I know what love is, it is because of you. Hermann Hesse
My heart is yours
Always and forever
Life partner
Our love is timeless
I like your last name, can I have it?
You are my person
I thank God for you every day Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving
In love with my best friend
Love conquers all
I absolutely love being weird with you
I love every moment with you
Love is sharing your popcorn
Besides chocolate, you’re my favorite
Time flies when you’re having fun
Written in the stars
You are my soul mate
Happily ever after
I choose you

Best Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving

You’re the artist of your life’s canvas
Plant seeds of kindness, reap a garden of joy
Aim high, stand tall, stay humble, inspire others
Choose gratitude, and happiness will find you
Find strength within; let it shape your destiny
Hope lights up the darkest of paths
Dream big, work hard, achieve greatness
Make each day a masterpiece of possibilities
Live the moment
Never a doubt
Love fiercely, forgive freely, live fearlessly
Celebrate life’s rhythm, embrace its symphony with joy
Dance through life; let your heart lead
So proud of you
Your story matters; write it with courage
Leave a trail of goodness wherever you go
Leap with faith; wings will appear in flight
Boldness be my friend
A job well done
Rise after every fall; become stronger than before
Seek wisdom in each moment; life’s true treasure
Smile often, for life is a beautiful journey
Believe in yourself and embrace every challenge Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving
Live the life you imagined
You did it
Live with passion, love without limits
Follow your heart
Bold steps forward, no matter the doubts
Chase your dreams, catch your destiny
Courage: the bridge between dreams and reality
In every end, find a new beginning
Embrace change, welcome growth, achieve beyond
Kindness: the language the world needs universally
Passion fuels progress; let it guide you
The best is yet to come
Create your sunshine in every storm
Each day is a gift
Sparkle with kindness, shine with gratitude
Grit and grace: the foundation of achievement
Find joy in the journey of life
Be the change

Quotes for Engraving (Valentines day and Anniversaries)

You’re still the one
Yesterday Today Tomorrow
I love you more than I did yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow
The best is yet to come
I got you, babe
It’s you it’s always been you
Always and forever
We rock the casbah
I’m much more when I’m with you
All you are is all I’ll ever need
You = awesome, me = lucky
Time is the currency of life, I love spending it with you
You’re my everything
This day and every day
We make this look good
You are the love of my life, and the light of my love
You are my treasure
I love you more than words can express
Come what may
I will love you until the end of time
I never want to stop making memories with you
I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you will be
You’re my greatest adventure
Baby, you’re my better half
You’re my happy place
You are nothing short of my everything
Forever & Always Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving
A million times over, I will always choose you
I love you endlessly
I love you more every second
PS I love you
Love means forever
And I thought I loved you then
If I had a flower for everytime I thought of you, I could walk through my garden forever
I love you, forever and always
Love you more

Short Inspirational Family Quotes for Engraving

Dad, when you didn’t have my hand, you had my back
Love you to the moon and back
Dad, my first hero
The Best Dad Ever
Sisters by chance, friends by choice
Super mom
The best part of my day, is talking to you Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving
I will always look up to you, no matter how tall I get
All that I am, I owe to you
You inspire me
Best mom ever
In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips
Home is where Mom is
A mother is everything 
Thanks, mom
Always your little boy/girl
Dad, Thank You
The man, the myth, the legend, Dad
Thank you for loving me
World’s best mom
Dad, Love You Always
Thank you for believing in me
Couldn’t do it without you mum

Short Inspirational Quotes to Friends for Engraving

More than friends
My gratitude
You know me best
I’ll never forget Short Inspirational Quotes for Engraving
Partners in crime
Friends forever
Words can’t express
Best friends
Words are not enough
Best friends for life
Forever in your debt

Looking for Some Longer Quotes for Engraving?

We gotcha covered!

“Cherish every moment, for they become the memories that light up our journey.”

“In the tapestry of life, every thread has a purpose, weaving a story uniquely yours.”

“Embrace the storms, for they cleanse the path to reveal the strength within you.”

“May your footsteps leave imprints of kindness, guiding others towards a brighter world.”

“Life’s beauty lies in its imperfections; they shape us into the masterpieces we become.”

“The stars above remind us that even in darkness, there’s a light that never fades.”

“In the garden of life, tend to the seeds of dreams, and watch them bloom into reality.”

“Let your heart be the compass that guides you through the uncharted waters of life.”

“Through the highs and lows, let your spirit dance with resilience and grace.”

“The universe conspires in mysterious ways; let go and let the cosmic symphony play.”

“In the silence of the night, find solace and listen to the whispers of your soul.”

“Life’s greatest treasures aren’t possessions but the moments shared with kindred souls.”

“In the mosaic of existence, each shattered piece has a place, crafting a masterpiece.”

“The road less traveled may be challenging, but it reveals the most breathtaking vistas.”

“Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes of adversity and soar to new heights of possibility.”

“Our scars tell stories of battles fought and won, reminders of the strength within.”

“Find beauty in simplicity, for it’s the essence that captures the heart’s deepest longing.”

“Through life’s labyrinth, find your way by following the guiding light of your passion.”

“Time weaves the fabric of destiny; embrace each thread with open arms.”

“Let your actions be seeds of kindness, sowing a garden of compassion for all to share.”

“In the symphony of life, your heart’s song adds a unique melody to the universe’s tune.”

“The stars twinkle with the wisdom of ages, whispering secrets of the cosmos.”

“Embrace change as the sculptor of your journey, carving beauty from the raw stone of experience.”

“A life well-lived is one that leaves footprints of love on the sands of time.”

“The moonlight illuminates paths untrodden, revealing the magic of the unknown.”

“May your dreams be the compass guiding you to destinations unknown but full of promise.”

“In the quiet moments, listen to the echoes of your heart; it knows the way.”

“True wealth lies not in possessions, but in the richness of the love and memories we create.”

“As the sun sets on one chapter, let gratitude pave the way for the chapters yet unwritten.”

“In the garden of life, tend to the blossoms of joy and watch them spread their fragrance.”

“Amidst life’s symphony, your heart’s melody weaves a tapestry of beauty and purpose.”

“Like a star illuminating the night, your presence leaves an indelible mark on the universe.”

“In the embrace of time, the story of your journey unfolds, written with the ink of experience.”

“Through the pages of life, let your laughter and tears pen the most riveting chapters.”

“Every sunrise is a reminder that you’re given a new canvas to paint your dreams upon.”

“Let your actions be the legacy you leave behind, etched in the hearts of those you touch.”

“In the stillness of solitude, find the voice of your soul, whispering secrets of purpose.”

“May your heart be a vessel of love, sailing through the seas of life with boundless compassion.”

“Your journey is a masterpiece in progress; let each brushstroke of experience add depth.”

“As the wind carries whispers of far-off lands, let your dreams be carried to the horizons of possibility.”

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