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Champions Mindset | Courage | Believing in Yourself | Don’t Worry About People’s Opinions |  Encouraging | Growing from Failure | Humble Never Forget Where You Came From | Inner Strength | Short Inspirational | Know Your Worth | Law of Attraction Affirmations for Self Love | Leadership Quotes | LifeMotivational | Never Give Up Naruto | Not Worrying About the FuturePowerful Lion | Prioritize Yourself | Responsibility | Self Compassion | Self Discipline | Servant Leadership | Success | Trust | Strong Women Affirmations | Self Control | Show Up for Yourself | Stop Worrying About Others | Success Champion Mindset

Positive Quotes

Congratulations on Weight Loss | Empower Yourself | Gifts of Imperfection | Happiness  | Happiness Finally Found You!Hope Your Day Gets BetterOptimism  | Positive Manifestation | Bright Dental Smile | Good Morning Sunshine | My Son’s Smile | Positive Quotes for Teenage Son | Positive Vibes | Self Care for Teachers | Baby’s Smile | Positive Mom and Stepmom | Positive Evening | Positive Good Afternoon | Positive Quotes for Young Adults | Surround Yourself with Positivity | Turn Negative into Positive | You Make Me Smile 

Comforting Quotes

Brene Brown on Shame | Feeling Drained | Friendship Apology ForgivenessI Wish You All the Happiness in the World | Inspiration When Feeling Overwhelmed | Losing Friends and Moving On | Loss of a Brother | Loss of a Husband | Loss of a SisterParenting Quotes for Hard Times | Pet LossQuotes About Worry | Self Respect Walk AwaySmile Through the Pain | Sometimes Your Best isn’t Good Enough | Tough Day 

Quotes About Relationships

Disappointment in Relationships | Love QuotesForgiveness Love Quotes for Her | Forgiveness for Him Wishing Your Ex Happiness

Business Quotes

Business Quotes | Entrepreneur Quotes | Leadership Doing the Right Thing | Mental Toughness Quotes | Teamwork QuotesTime Management Quotes

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Basketball Quotes | Encouraging Softball QuotesFunny Quotes | Funny Quotes About Self Love | Inspirational Sports QuotesMusic QuotesNew York Attitude Quotes | Star Wars Yoda Quotes

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Positive Monday Blessings Quotes | Tuesday Positive QuotesGood Morning Wednesday Quotes | Thankful Thursday Quotes | Funny Friday Quotes | Sunday Smile Quotes

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Brand New Month Quotes | March Positive Quotes | Positive June Quotes | Inspiring August QuotesPositive September Quotes | Positive October Quotes | Positive November Quotes 

Caption Quotes

Deep Self Quotes | New Cars Quotes | Swimming Pool Quotes

Quotes from Famous People A-J

David Allen | Maya Angelou | Yogi Berra | Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu (Mother Teresa) | Brené Brown | Winston Churchill | Dale Carnegie | James ClearStephen CoveyWalt Disney | Peter Drucker | Wayne Dyer | Albert Einstein | Robert Frost | David Goggins | Ernest Hemingway | Napoleon Hill | Lou Holtz | Nipsey Hussle | William James | Steve Jobs | Michael Jordan

People Quotes K-Z

John Kennedy  | Martin Luther King Jr. | Mike Krzyzewski | Abraham Lincoln | Vince Lombardi | Nelson Mandela | John Maxwell | Anaïs Nin | Mary Oliver | Norman Vincent PealePat Riley | Tony Robbins | Jim Rohn | Jay Shetty | Pat Summitt | Brian Tracy | John Wooden |  Zig Ziglar


I have been collecting motivational and inspirational quotes my entire life. I have used them to motivate myself, my family & friends, and my teams.

I created The Quotes Toolbox in 2013 to share those quotes. My team and I are working on giving the site a big upgrade in 2022. I hope you are able to find several quotes and philosophies that you find meaningful and that make a difference in your life and the lives of those you care about!

The quotes listed here are for entertainment purposes ONLY! There is no guarantee that these quotes are accurate or that they have actually been said by the authors claimed. Regardless of what the source is, you can still use the thoughts to make a difference in your life!